The Christmas Pageant

  • David S Cass Sr (2011)
  • US
  • 87 min
The Christmas Pageant
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2 out of 5

Melissa Gilbert learns a few rushed lessons about what really matters in life in this contrived and predictable seasonal comedy. Gamely wading through the clichés, she plays a broke Broadway director who ends up in charge of a small-town pageant after getting fired yet again for her temperamental behaviour. But while her big-city ideas initially clash with the stereotyped residents' traditional ways, it's naturally not long before she's succumbing to the community's simple charms - and rekindling her relationship with her conveniently local ex-fiancé (a bland Robert Mailhouse). Unfortunately, for a film about following your heart, events are not very affecting; with one-note performances and flimsy plotting ensuring even the finale isn't as feel-good as it wants to be.

Plot Summary

Romantic comedy starring Melissa Gilbert as a fiery Broadway theatre director forced to take a job working on a small-town Christmas pageant, whose life is further complicated when she runs into an old boyfriend.

Cast and crew


Vera Parks
Melissa Gilbert
Jack Harmon
Robert Mailhouse
Garrett Clark
Edward Herrmann
Lennon Wynn
Ethel Clark
Candy Azzara
Beverly Simmons
Kate Flannery
Anita Corning
Jennifer Hall


David S Cass Sr

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