Meet Dave

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Meet Dave

Brian Robbins (2008)

PG Certificate


Our Score
After the critical panning received by Norbit, Eddie Murphy badly needed a good film, so teaming up again with that movie's director, Brian Robbins, wasn't necessarily the best move. Thankfully, though, this sci-fi comedy has enough energy and laughs to distinguish it from its predecessor. Once again Murphy appears in dual roles; as a spaceship disguised as a human (the Dave of the title) and as the captain of the tiny aliens that inhabit and operate it. Dave and its crew land in New York City to plunder Earth's resources in an effort to save their own planet. Needless to say, a spaceship disguised as a man finds it hard to fit in with modern Earth ways, leaving Dave in dire need of assistance. Luckily he is befriended by a woman (Elizabeth Banks) and her young son, who teach him what it means to be human. Murphy shows that he can still raise a smile when he puts his mind to it, and the whole thing is cheery enough - even if some of the humour is a bit vulgar.


Tiny emotionless aliens on a mission to save their homeworld travel to Earth aboard a spacecraft in human form, where they plan to drain the planet's oceans. However, the miniature explorers have a change of heart when they encounter Man - and are unprepared for their vessel falling in love. Sci-fi comedy, starring Eddie Murphy and Elizabeth Banks.

Cast & Crew

Dave / Captain Eddie Murphy
Gina Morrison Elizabeth Banks (2)
No 3 - Cultural Officer Gabrielle Union
Dooley Scott Caan
No 2 - 2nd In Command Ed Helms
Knox Mike O'Malley
No 4 - Security Officer Pat Kilbane
Engineer Judah Friedlander
Mark Marc Blucas
Doctor Jim Turner
Director Brian Robbins
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century FoxGuidance: Some swearing.Available on: DVDReleased on: 18 Jul 2008
Drama Comedy