Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen

F Gary Gray (2009)

18 Certificate


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300 star Gerard Butler turns vigilante here, as Philadelphia family man Clyde Shelton, who's enraged when hotshot prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) strikes a deal with one of the men responsible for the brutal murder of his wife and daughter. So he sets out to reap bloody revenge on everyone involved in the trial. Rice puts Shelton behind bars but is baffled when the gruesome deaths continue. Has another killer taken up the cause or is Shelton somehow orchestrating the carnage from his prison cell? Director F Gary Gray (The Negotiator) offers an intriguing spin on the revenge thriller while throwing a spotlight on the loopholes and inadequacies of the justice system, although the plot's quick-fix resolution may disappoint some viewers. Foxx is perfectly cast as the moral compass of the film, but it's Butler's edgy portrayal, walking a thin line between madness and genius, that leaves a lasting impression.


A man is forced to witness the murder of his wife and daughter, and is driven to despair when one of the perpetrators walks free at trial. Years later, he begins a campaign of vigilante violence, seeking revenge on the killers and the justice system that failed to punish them, particularly an assistant district attorney who allowed the defendant to make a deal during the court proceedings. Thriller, with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx.

Cast & Crew

Nick Rice Jamie Foxx
Clyde Shelton Gerard Butler
Sarah Lowell Leslie Bibb
Jonas Cantrell Bruce McGill
Detective Dunnigan Colm Meaney
Mayor April Henry Viola Davis
Detective Sean Garza Michael Irby
Kelly Rice Regina Hall
Warden Iger Gregory Itzin
Bray Michael Kelly (2)
Rupert Ames Josh Stewart
Clarence Darby Christian Stolte
Brian Bringham Roger Bart
Director F Gary Gray
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: MomentumGuidance: Violence and swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 27 Nov 2009