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  • Stephen Gyllenhaal (2012)
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2 out of 5

After years of working in television, Stephen Gyllenhaal (father of Jake and Maggie) returns to directing movies with this quirky true-life comedy about US local politics. Jason Biggs (of American Pie fame) stars as Phil Campbell, an out-of-work journalist-turned-campaign manager to best friend Grant Cogswell (Joel David Moore), who's determined to oust a local councillor (Cedric the Entertainer) for failing to expand Seattle's congestion-busting monorail system. Cogswell, whose political platform is based entirely on a single issue, is the sort of kook who wears polar-bear suits. He's an underdog, but not really one you feel like rooting for, especially against an opponent who you suspect would probably do a better job. The movie is a decently made and amiably acted David-and Goliath tale, but drifts along without really registering.

Plot Summary

An eccentric music critic with an idealistic love of his Seattle home resolves to win a place on its council. Recruiting an unemployed friend as a campaign manager, he soon attracts a vast following of the city's outsiders inspired by his grand ambition to build a monorail. Fact-based comedy, starring Jason Biggs and Joel David Moore.

Cast and crew


Phil Campbell
Jason Biggs
Grant Cogswell
Joel David Moore
Emily Bowen
Lauren Ambrose
Cobie Smulders
Tom Arnold
Richard McIver
Cedric the Entertainer
Nick Ricochet
Todd Stashwick
Theresa Glendon
Emily Bergl
D C Pierson
Jim Tripp
Christopher McDonald


Stephen Gyllenhaal

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Theatrical distributor: 
Intandem Film Distributors
Swearing, sexual references, drug abuse.
Released 9 Nov 2012