Baat Ban Jaye

Baat Ban Jaye

Bharat Rangachary (1986)

PG Certificate


A wealthy man hopes to find a suitable husband for his niece, but she has an intense dislike of wealthy men. He sets out to find a good man with more humble roots, but his plan is thwarted as each prospective suitor experiences an unexpected windfall that leaves them rolling in cash. Comedy, starring Utpal Dutt and Zeenat Aman.

Cast & Crew

Mr Singh Utpal Dutt
Nisha Singh Zeenat Aman
Yeshwant Rao Bhonsle Amol Palekar
Prakash Mithun Chakraborty
Rosy Nisha Singh
Advocate Bharat Sinha Jalal Agha
Aruna Chaudhary Aruna Irani
Jayant Amar Nath Imtiaz Khan
Director Bharat Rangachary
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