The Hurricane

The Hurricane

John Ford (1937)

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John Ford grudgingly took on this screen adaptation of Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall's South Seas yarn about a vendetta between a native sailor and the governor of Tahiti, whose problems are solved by the timely intervention of some spectacularly inclement weather. Raymond Massey, Mary Astor and Dorothy Lamour (most fetching in her trademark sarong) star, and the resulting melodrama offers fair entertainment, some cornball Christian-pagan symbolism and a special effects storm shot on the Goldwyn back lot. Nordhoff and Hall (the father of cameraman Conrad Hall) lived on Tahiti and wrote the novels on which Mutiny on the Bounty was based.


The inhabitants of a South Pacific island face the destruction of their homes in a cataclysmic storm. Drama, starring Dorothy Lamour and C Aubrey Smith.

Cast & Crew

Marama Dorothy Lamour
Terangi Jon Hall
Mme Germaine DeLaage Mary Astor
Father Paul C Aubrey Smith
Dr Kersaint Thomas Mitchell
Gov Eugene DeLaage Raymond Massey
Warden John Carradine
Captain Nagle Jerome Cowan
Chief Mehevi Al Kikume
Tita Kuulei De Clercq
Director John Ford
Associate Director Stuart Heisler
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. LtdAvailable on: video