The X-Files: I Want to Believe

  • 15
  • Chris Carter (2008)
  • US / Can
  • 103 min
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2 out of 5

Chris Carter, the creator of the original TV series, is behind the camera for this second film spin-off, which comes a full ten years after the first big-screen adaptation. So you'd want to believe it was worth the wait. Sadly, legions of X-Files fans will more likely be dispirited. It's less fast-paced thriller, more plodding melodrama as former FBI spooks Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) become distracted from their investigation of the mysterious abduction of a young agent and grapple with their own personal demons. Billy Connolly provides the only real intrigue as a psychic paedophile priest who has visions of the crime. However, conspiracy-philes will be most disappointed by the fact that Mulder and Scully don't have a sinister system to pit their wits against. Instead of a Cigarette-Smoking Man, there's a pen-pushing vicar (Adam Godley) and, soon enough, the dynamic duo are bickering about their relationship. Compared to the TV series, it all feels so small.

Plot Summary

Sci-fi thriller starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Former FBI operatives Mulder and Scully are reluctantly called back into service to investigate the case of a disgraced priest who claims to have psychic visions that will lead to a missing agent.

Cast and crew


Fox Mulder
David Duchovny
Dana Scully
Gillian Anderson
ASAC Dakota Whitney
Amanda Peet
Father Joseph Crissman
Billy Connolly
Janke Dacyshyn
Callum Keith Rennie
Agent Mosley Drummy
Father Ybarra
Adam Godley
Gaunt man
Alex Diakun
2nd victim
Nicki Aycox
Franz Tomczeszyn
Fagin Woodcock


Chris Carter

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Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 1 Aug 2008
Certificate 15
Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent.