Vinegar Hill

  • Peter Werner (2004)
  • US
  • 93 min
Vinegar Hill
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2 out of 5

Although it's set in the early 1970s, the storyline of this melodramatic TV-movie drama has the ring of a 19th-century penny-dreadful. With painter husband Tim Guinee out of work, Mary-Louise Parker agrees to stay with his parents in small-town Wisconsin until their prospects improve. But, no sooner has she bumped into her old flame (who is now the sheriff) and Guinee has fallen for a lingerie store clerk, than father-in-law Tom Skerritt begins delivering brimstone diatribes reflecting his hypocritical belief in a vengeful God. The cast does a decent enough job, but too little is left to the imagination.

Plot Summary

Drama starring Mary-Louise Parker. Shocking and long-buried secrets are uncovered when a financial crisis forces a couple to move in with the husband's parents.

Cast and crew


Ellen Grier
Mary-Louise Parker
Fritz Grier
Tom Skerritt
Mary Margaret Grier
Betty Buckley
Jake Grier
Tim Guinee


Peter Werner

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