Attack on the Iron Coast

  • PG
  • Paul Wendkos (1968)
  • US / UK
  • 89 min
Attack on the Iron Coast
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2 out of 5

As a cinema actor, Lloyd Bridges never really gained major star status, but his television appearances, especially in the long-running TV series Sea Hunt, made his face familiar to millions. He is a useful presence in this generally uninvolving Second World War action adventure. The film was shot in England, and a supporting cast of British TV names such as Mark Eden and Andrew Keir does what is expected of it, but the overall style is curiously flat considering the director is Paul Wendkos, established since the mid-1950s yet obviously slumming with this material.

Plot Summary

Second World War drama starring Lloyd Bridges as a major who plans a daring raid to destroy a heavily guarded German naval installation on the French coast. As he prepares his men for the mission he knows that the chances of any of them returning are slim.

Cast and crew


Major James Wilson
Lloyd Bridges
Capt Owen Franklin
Andrew Keir
Sue Wilson
Sue Lloyd
Lt Com Donald Kimberley
Mark Eden
Sir Frederick Grafton
Maurice Denham
Lt Forrester
Glyn Owen
Lt Graham
Howard Pays
Capt Strasser
George Mikell
Lieutenant Smythe
Simon Prebble
Keith Buckley
Bill Henderson
Gavin Breck
Van Horst
Walter Gotell
Lieutenant Kramer
Michael Wolf


Paul Wendkos

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