It's Christmas, Carol!

It's Christmas, Carol!

Michael Scott (2012)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Deceased publishing exec Carrie Fisher has one night to show her callous and money-obsessed successor (Emmanuelle Vaugier) the error of her ways in yet another take on A Christmas Carol. Caustic wit is the ghostly guide's main method of persuasion, as she leads the "Stalin in stilettos" on the usual life-changing, festive journey through her past, present and future. Knowing gags - including a fan-pleasing Star Wars quip - make the most of Fisher's enjoyably dry delivery, while diverting attention from both the predictability of events and the frequent plot holes. This being a TV movie, there's also a good dollop of schmaltz: hammering home simplistic messages about following your heart which Vaugier's character naturally but abruptly embraces in the unconvincing final act.


A heartless publishing executive is hated by her staff, who are secretly plotting against her. At Christmas, she receives a visit from the ghost of her former boss, who takes her on a journey through her past, present and future to show her where her life went wrong and how she can put things right. Fantasy, starring Emmanuelle Vaugier and Carrie Fisher.

Cast & Crew

Carol Huffman Emmanuelle Vaugier
Eve Carrie Fisher
Fred Carson Kressley
Kendra Olivia Cheng
Ben Tygh Runyan
Director Michael Scott
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Language: EnglishColour