Dr Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts

  • Alex Zamm (2009)
  • Can / US
  • 87 min
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2 out of 5

Hollywood's eccentricities are the source of weak laughs here, as Dr Dolittle's daughter Maya (a returning Kyla Pratt) takes her animal-talking skills to LA for her third solo adventure. But while the goofy-looking critters she encounters (an obese, tutu-wearing pig, a rap-hating rabbit) will have younger viewers fitfully giggling, they don't give the already two-dimensional 17-year-old much to do when a scheming, Paris Hilton-style heiress (Tegan Moss) lures her into swapping veterinary school to co-host a TV show. Consequently, this is the flimsiest in the ever-deteriorating franchise: with lame visual and verbal gags and ultra-cartoonish caricatures providing scant distraction from the barely-there plotting. It's all as vacuous and insincere as the celeb culture it's satirising and even makes Maya's obligatory life lessons feel like afterthoughts.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Kyla Pratt as Maya Dollittle, an aspiring vet whose ability to communicate with animals makes her the toast of Hollywood after she sorts out the identity crisis of an heiress's pampered pooch.

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Maya Dolittle
Kyla Pratt
Tiffany Monaco
Tegan Moss
Norm McDonald
Brandon Turner
Brandon Jay McLaren
Rick Beverly
Jason Bryden
Lisa Dolittle
Karen Holness


Alex Zamm

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