False Trail

  • 15
  • Kjell Sundvall (2011)
  • Swe (SUB)
  • 124 min
False Trail
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3 out of 5

This low-key crime drama, set in the frozen wastelands of northern Sweden, sees veteran cop Erik Backstrom (Rolf Lassgard - the original incarnation of TV's Wallander) returning to his home town after 15 years to investigate the brutal killing of a young woman. As the case becomes more complex and the list of suspects grows, Erik has to confront his past in the shape of a nephew he barely knows and the young boy's new stepfather (Peter Stormare), who's also the obstructive chief of the local police force. Director Kjell Sundvall has made a loose sequel to his 1996 film The Hunters, but it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone piece and an atmospheric addition to the Nordic noir subgenre. Lassgard and Stormare make great adversaries, the former mellow and taciturn while the latter is sinister and volatile, although more restless viewers may find the pace of the story just too glacial.

Plot Summary

Premiere. A detective is sent back to the hometown he was forced to leave 15 years ago to investigate a murder. The assignment digs up painful memories of the events that drove him away in the first place, while he also discovers the killing is part of a more complicated conspiracy. Mystery, starring Rolf Lassgard and Peter Stormare. In Swedish.

Cast and crew


Erik Backstrom
Rolf Lassgard
Peter Stormare
Karin Johansson
Annika Nordin
Kim Tjernstrom
Johanna Lager
Lo Kauppi
Jesper Barkselius
Jari Lipponen
Eero Milonoff
Mats Sundelin
Johan Paulsen
Elin Ledin
Ellenor Lindgren
Olov Haggmark


Kjell Sundvall

Other Information

Swedish +subtitles
Theatrical distributor: 
Arrow Films
Violence, swearing
Available on DVD
Released 14 Dec 2012
Certificate 15