Hard Ground

Hard Ground

Frank Q Dobbs (2003)



Our Score
This average TV western is kept absorbing by the cast, which is led by Burt Reynolds as a jailed bounty hunter who teams up with feisty orphan Amy Jo Johnson. They form part of a posse that sets out to track down David Figlioli, the ruthless leader of a gang that murdered Johnson's family. However, this is only half the story, as accompanying them on the trail is Reynolds's son (played by Seth Peterson), who is deputy to Bruce Dern, the uncompromising sheriff who imprisoned Reynolds after he killed in self-defence. There's an explosive opening and an inevitable sharpshooting showdown, but the personal feuds don't always atone for the dull patches en route to Mexico.


An outlaw breaks out of prison and joins up with a band of marauders and a despotic revolutionary to raise mayhem and murder along the Mexican border. To help him bring the escapee to justice, an ageing marshal is forced to arrange the release of his bounty hunter brother-in-law from the same jail. Western, starring Burt Reynolds, Bruce Dern and David Figlioli.

Cast & Crew

John McKay Burt Reynolds
Nate Hutchinson Bruce Dern
Elizabeth Amy Jo Johnson
Joshua Seth Peterson
Billy Bucklin David Figlioli
Floyd Martin Kove
McMordy Randy Stripling
Mundo Michael Shamus Wiles
Director Frank Q Dobbs
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and language.