The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree

Terry Ingram (2012)

PG Certificate


Our Score
An unconventional teacher and a small-town charity event change the lives of three boarding-school students in this formulaic though heart-warming seasonal tale. Jason Gedrick gives a likeable performance as the widowed educator whose task of supervising the pupils remaining on campus for Christmas is complicated when one of the stereotypical trio (Richard Harmon) causes trouble at the site of a special fundraiser tree festooned with people's handwritten wishes. The bad-boy teen's wise punishment has major consequences for everybody: turning the skimpily plotted TV movie into a patchwork of clichés and simplistic resolutions, as lessons are learnt and dreams predictably embraced. There's very little drama and lots of cheesy sentimentality, but the movie remains engaging thanks to Gedrick's caring character and the uplifting themes of hope and self-belief.



Cast & Crew

Evan Farnsworth Jason Gedrick
Drew Richard Harmon
Juliet Emmalyn Estrada
Albert Amitai Mamorstein
Clarissa Erica Cerra
Director Terry Ingram
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Children's Drama