Martha Fiennes (2005)

15 Certificate


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Onegin director Martha Fiennes's belated second feature is a patchy ensemble drama that touches on a range of contemporary issues. Set mainly in London, it stars her brother Ralph Fiennes as Stephen, a gay art historian who's friends with the well-heeled but dysfunctional Iona (Kristin Scott Thomas) and her lawyer husband, Marcus (Damian Lewis). Throw in an ambitious reporter (Ben Chaplin) and a dying prostitute (Penélope Cruz) and you have a set of storylines that cover everything from political malfeasance to breast implants and paedophilia. Though ambitious in scope, this is not as good as Fiennes's debut film, and running to almost 140 minutes it feels a good half an hour too long. But there is still enough here to mark Fiennes as a writer/director of promise, and the cast, which also includes Ian Holm and Rhys Ifans, is certainly top-notch.


Wealthy lawyer Marcus Aylesbury is asked to help cover up his boss's insider trading, leaving his hard-up journalist friend forced to choose between loyalty and getting a story. Meanwhile, a connection emerges between the Aylesbury family and a dying prostitute. Drama, starring Damian Lewis, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Chaplin, Penelope Cruz and Ralph Fiennes.

Cast & Crew

Trent Masters Ben Chaplin
Gloria Penélope Cruz
Stephen Tulloch Ralph Fiennes
Edward Aylesbury Ian Holm
Colin Rhys Ifans
Marcus Aylesbury Damian Lewis
Iona Aylesbury Kristin Scott Thomas
Orlando Aylesbury Clem Tibber
Penelope Aylesbury Harriet Walter
Geoffrey Wharton Anthony Higgins
Bushey Michelle Gomez
Sarita Archie Panjabi
Fiona Natalie Press
Director Martha Fiennes
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Momentum PicturesAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 14 Dec 2007