Mike Gabriel (1995)

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Released the same year as Disney's animated blockbuster, this live-action version sticks pretty much to the core storyline, as Pocahontas intercedes with her father, Powhatan, for the life of the English explorer, John Smith. Treading the tightrope of political correctness with considerable care, director Daniele J Suissa and her co-writer Donald Martin take pains to stress the rights of the native Americans to their homelands and the sanctity of their customs and beliefs. But, such an educative approach leaves little room for drama and Sandrine Holt and Miles O'Keeffe (who was, of course, Bo Derek's Tarzan) struggle to make an impact.


A Native American princess falls in love with an English settler, but her father is distrustful of the Europeans - not without just cause, as a cruel governor is prepared to wage war to get his hands on the gold he believes they are hiding. Disney animated drama, with the voices of Irene Bedard, Mel Gibson and Christian Bale.

Cast & Crew

Pocahontas Irene Bedard
John Smith Mel Gibson
Lon Joe Baker
Thomas Christian Bale
Ben Billy Connolly
Grandmother Willow Linda Hunt
Governor Ratcliffe / Wiggins David Ogden Stiers
Pocahontas Judy Kuhn
Director Mike Gabriel
Director Eric Goldberg
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray
Drama Music