Anthony DiBlasi (2011)

18 Certificate


Our Score
A violently persistent spirit forces grieving deaf woman Kelen Coleman into a hunt for a serial killer in Dread director Anthony DiBlasi's unsatisfying genre mash-up. Slow-paced and lacking in bite, the cluttered and forgettably performed murder mystery tries to combine too many ideas. Consequently, it seems incoherent and over-long when DiBlasi attempts to patch together a clichéd ghost story, lightweight torture porn, and, most distractingly, plodding romance with underdeveloped themes of guilt, loss and childhood trauma. After a misleadingly grisly opening, it takes a while for the central plotline to rear its ugly head, only for an aggressive score and lazy, fake jolts to replace genuine scares. Even the film's stereotypical psycho has insufficient impact and depth, making his sadistic predilection for turning attractive victims into living marionettes merely lobbed in solely for shock value.


A woman visits a community of psychics hoping to make contact with her dead sister, but instead encounters the angry spirit of a murder victim. She tries to give the ghost peace by identifying the murderer, putting her in danger from a mysterious serial killer. Horror, starring Kelen Coleman and Louise Fletcher.

Cast & Crew

Lily Kelen Coleman
Claire Louise Fletcher
Christian Burton Rus Blackwell
Mike Kevin Alejandro
Heath J LaRose
Director Anthony DiBlasi
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence.Available on: DVD