The Thomas Crown Affair

  • 15
  • John McTiernan (1999)
  • US / Ire
  • 108 min
The Thomas Crown Affair
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3 out of 5

Pierce Brosnan stars here as the millionaire who steals art in his spare time, with Rene Russo as the sultry insurance investigator who shows an unusually close interest in his extracurricular activities. This is a loose remake of the 1968 Steve McQueen/Faye Dunaway caper, which is now probably best remembered for spawning Noel Harrison's Oscar-winning theme song The Windmills of My Mind. It's considerably steamier than the original, yet it's very stylishly done by Die Hard director John McTiernan. The fact that Brosnan and Russo are a sexy and believable match is just one of the factors - along with a taut script and good support from Denis Leary and Dunaway herself - that make this cat-and-mouse thriller well worth catching.

Plot Summary

Remake of the 1968 romantic crime caper, starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. Bored billionaire Thomas Crown has a secret hobby - stealing art treasures. Following the museum theft of a Monet painting, insurance investigator Catherine Banning is soon on the playboy's trail.

Cast and crew


Thomas Crown
Pierce Brosnan
Catherine Banning
Rene Russo
Detective Michael McCann
Denis Leary
Andrew Wallace
Ben Gazzara
Detective Paretti
Frankie Faison
John Reynolds
Fritz Weaver
Charles Keating
Mark Margolis
Faye Dunaway


John McTiernan

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
U.I.P. (UK)
Swearing, a sex scene and nudity.
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Released 20 Aug 1999
Certificate 15