California Man

California Man

Les Mayfield (1992)

PG Certificate


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This was a belated attempt to cash in on Bill and Ted-style comic capers, although by now Californian teen speak was becoming more irritating than funny. Sean Astin and Pauly Shore play the nerdish teenagers who gain a ticket to "cooldom" when they dig up a deep-frozen caveman (Brendan Fraser) and educate him in the ways of adolescent etiquette. Fraser makes for a pleasingly gormless hunk and Richard Masur is a reliable presence among the supporting players, but the comic posturing of Shore, who rose to fame on MTV, quickly grates. There are some amusing moments, but this lacks the winning stupidity of Bill and Ted's two adventures. It was released in the USA as Encino Man.


Two high-school students accidentally unearth a frozen Stone Age caveman in their backyard. They decide to thaw him out and show him off around town. Unfortunately, their ticket to cool starts to run out of control and cause mayhem all over the state. Teen comedy, starring Brendan Fraser, Sean Astin, Pauly Shore, Megan Ward and Mariette Hartley.

Cast & Crew

Dave Morgan Sean Astin
Link Brendan Fraser
Stoney Brown Pauly Shore
Robyn Sweeney Megan Ward
Ella Robin Tunney
Matt Michael DeLuise
Phil Patrick Van Horn
Will Dalton James
Mr Brush Rick Ducommun
Kim Ke Huy Quan
Mrs Morgan Mariette Hartley
Mr Morgan Richard Masur
Teena Morgan Ellen Blain
Mrs Mackey Esther Scott
Mr Beady Steven Elkins
Maria Wanda Acuna
Science teacher Furley Lumpkin
Officer Sims Peter Allas
Kathleen Michole White
Nora Rose McGowan
Director Les Mayfield
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrothersGuidance: Edited for violence and language. Drug abuse.Available on: video and DVD