My Super Ex-Girlfriend

  • 12
  • Ivan Reitman (2006)
  • US
  • 92 min
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
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3 out of 5

Breaking up is hard to do but when your superhero girlfriend can shoot lasers from her eyes, it's even harder. That's the premise of this amusing high-concept comedy starring Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson. It boasts at least some of the good-natured mischief and mayhem of Ghost Busters, which put Ivan Reitman on the A-list of Hollywood directors in the 1980s. With his hangdog handsomeness and tendency for self-effacing humour, Wilson is perfect as the boyfriend who is slowly emasculated by atomic-fuelled scorn. Thurman is also convincing as G-Girl, but it's a shame that in the second half of the movie, Don Payne's script abandons all sympathy for her. She morphs into a gross caricature of Glenn Close's seminal bunny-boiler from Fatal Attraction and though that's the crux of the joke, the gags do start to wear a tad thin. Ironically, it's the weedy ex-boyfriend who carries the weight of this saga.

Plot Summary

Comedy fantasy starring Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman. When architect Matt Saunders fell in love with gallery curator Jenny Johnson he was unaware of her alter ego G-Girl. Now, as the neurotic Jenny becomes increasingly possessive, Matt discovers that it's almost impossible to dump a woman with special powers.

Cast and crew


Jenny Johnson / G-Girl
Uma Thurman
Matt Saunders
Luke Wilson
Hannah Lewis
Anna Faris
Professor Bedlam / Barry
Eddie Izzard
Carla Dunkirk
Wanda Sykes
Rainn Wilson


Ivan Reitman

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Edited for language and a sex scene.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 4 Aug 2006
Certificate 12
Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent