The Stepford Children

The Stepford Children

Alan J Levi (1987)

15 Certificate


Our Score
A dull sequel to Bryan Forbes's genuinely creepy The Stepford Wives, with the focus this time on the robotic offspring. Familiar TV faces Barbara Eden and Don Murray are the new family in town who begin to worry that the atmosphere in Stepford is just too good to be true - in particular, how worryingly responsible the teenagers are. It's an interesting premise but director Alan J Levi singularly fails to find any black humour in the entire piece and the result is a suspense chiller devoid of both suspense and chills.


A family moves into the infamous quiet little town where the male residents are still replacing their wives with obedient android replicas - but now their ambitions have expanded to stamping out teen rebellion by replacing their kids as well. The father is soon seduced into this plan, leaving his family in terrible danger. Sci-fi thriller sequel, with Barbara Eden and Don Murray.

Cast & Crew

Steven Harding Don Murray
Laura Harding Barbara Eden
David Harding Randall Batinkoff
Mary Harding Tammy Lauren
Lawrence Danton Richard Anderson
Tim Wilcox Dick Butkus
Director Alan J Levi
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video