Frozen Impact

Frozen Impact

Neil Kinsella (2002)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Few disaster flicks are as contrived - or as inadvertently hilarious - as this chuck-everything-in-but-the-kitchen-sink TV movie. Entertaining for entirely the wrong reasons, the frenetic cliché-fest sees Ted McGinley's ludicrously heroic emergency services dispatcher battle an extreme storm and all its unconvincing mega-destruction to get a transplant liver to hospital to save his dangerously ill son. Houses collapse, vehicles explode and fake-looking hailstones the size of baseballs hammer down, while each of the stereotypical characters has their own specific emotional and physical issues to amplify the riotously escalating chaos. The final act, with its great school bus set piece, is a particular guilty pleasure, enhanced by the over-earnest performances and some deliciously corny dialogue.


The parents of a boy in need of a liver transplant anxiously wait as the donor organ is flown in, but a violent storm results in the plane coming down in a forest. The patient's father braves the elements to reach the crash site, recover its precious cargo and get it safely to the hospital in time to operate. Drama, starring Ted McGinley and Stacy Keach.

Cast & Crew

Pete Crane Stacy Keach
Dan Blanchard Ted McGinley
Dr Christy Blanchard Linda Purl
Jason Blanchard Myles Jeffrey
Marie Blanchard Nicole Paggi
Nurse Debbie Leigh-Allyn Baker
Karen Ann White
Stu Kenneth Kimmins
Michael John Lavelle
Edward the orderly Joshua J Masters
Director Neil Kinsella
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour