The Password Is Courage

The Password Is Courage

Andrew L Stone (1962)

U Certificate


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This rather forgotten film in Dirk Bogarde's canon is a fitfully amusing war offering based on the true-life exploits of one Charles Coward, a cocky PoW who spent his time humiliating his guards and preparing his colleagues for escape. Writer/director Andrew L Stone occasionally pushes too hard for comic effect and Bogarde is hardly perfect casting, but the story of Coward's attempts to reach the Polish Resistance is fascinating and would have benefited from a more dramatic retelling. Alfred Lynch and Reginald Beckwith provide sterling support and, on the evidence of this performance, Maria Perschy should have become much better known.


A British sergeant-major is held captive at a notorious German prison camp in occupied Poland, but makes a series of daring attempts to contact the resistance and lead his fellow PoWs to freedom. Fact-based Second World War comedy drama, starring Dirk Bogarde, Maria Perschy, Alfred Lynch and Reginald Beckwith.

Cast & Crew

Charles Coward Dirk Bogarde
Irena Maria Perschy
Billy Pope Alfred Lynch
Cole Nigel Stock
Unteroffizier Reginald Beckwith
Schmidt Richard Marner
Aussie Ed Devereaux
Director Andrew L Stone
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Comedy Drama