Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: Extinction

Russell Mulcahy (2007)

15 Certificate


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This third instalment in the game-derived undead horror franchise finds the biogenetically enhanced Alice (Milla Jovovich) wandering into Mad Max territory. Joining up with an uninfected armoured convoy (led by Ali Larter from Heroes), Alice has to fight off yet more hordes of zombies and keep one step ahead of the megalomaniacal Dr Isaacs (Iain Glen), who's after her DNA. The routine script is at least given an injection of interest by Highlander director Russell Mulcahy's keen eye for epic visuals, and playful homages to Planet of the Apes, The Birds and spaghetti westerns. Otherwise, it's business as usual, and rampant CGI means the splatter, zombies and mutant crow flocks only register as remote cartoon chills. The acting is by rote, too, with Glen's Shakespearean delivery seemingly from a different movie.


Zombie-fighting heroine Alice comes out of hiding to protect a group of refugees in a post-apocalyptic wasteland overrun by the walking dead. Meanwhile, the sinister corporation that created the zombie virus is about to embark on its most dangerous experiment yet. Sci-fi thriller sequel, starring Milla Jovovich, Oded Fehr and Ali Larter.

Cast & Crew

Alice Milla Jovovich
Carlos Olivera Oded Fehr
Claire Redfield Ali Larter
Dr Isaacs Iain Glen
LJ Mike Epps
K-Mart Spencer Locke
Betty Ashanti
Slater Matthew Marsden
Albert Wesker Jason O'Mara
Mikey Christopher Egan
Director Russell Mulcahy
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Sony PicturesGuidance: Violence and nudity.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 12 Oct 2007