Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Vernon Sewell (1952)

A Certificate


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Buying a vessel that's haunted, even at a bargain price, is asking for trouble, as the young couple played by Dermot Walsh and Hazel Court find out in this waterlogged British B-feature. After they discover that the previous owner killed his spouse and her lover on board, they're on their way to laying the ship's ghost. Co-writer/director (as well as producer) Vernon Sewell, who was able to combine film-making with a love of the sea, must have had more fun than the audience.


A couple buy a yacht, rejecting rumours that it is haunted. However, after a series of unexplained deaths, they start to believe the stories and turn to a paranormal investigator for help. He discovers the former owner killed his wife and her lover on board, and their spirits will continue to seek vengeance until their bodies are found. Horror, starring Hazel Court and Dermot Walsh.

Cast & Crew

Guy Dermot Walsh
Margaret Hazel Court
Dr Fawcett Hugh Burden
Dr Martineau John Robinson (1)
Yard manager Joss Ambler
Mrs Martineau Joan Carol
Peter Hugh Latimer
Mrs Manley Mignon O'Doherty
Coroner Laidman Browne
Yard Surveyor Meadows White
Bert Pat McGrath
Ron Joss Ackland
Director Vernon Sewell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Anglo AmalgamatedAvailable on: video