Murder at the Gallop

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  • George Pollock (1963)
  • UK
  • 77 min
Murder at the Gallop
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3 out of 5

Robert Morley and Flora Robson add a touch of class to the list of suspects as Miss Marple investigates the murder of a rich recluse in this mystery. While detective Charles Tingwell scratches his head in bewilderment, Miss Marple lures the killer into a trap using herself as bait. Director George Pollock effortlessly blends clues and comedy in Margaret Rutherford's second outing as the doyenne of St Mary Mead, but the most striking thing about this lively whodunnit is that it was inspired by the novel After the Funeral, in which the case was actually solved by Hercule Poirot!

Plot Summary

Agatha Christie murder mystery comedy starring Margaret Rutherford. When a wealthy recluse is frightened to death, Miss Marple suspects foul play, but her report to the police falls on deaf ears and she is forced to start the investigation herself.

Cast and crew


Miss Marple
Margaret Rutherford
Mr Stringer
Stringer Davis
Hector Enderby
Robert Morley
Miss Gilchrist
Flora Robson
Det Insp Craddock
Charles Tingwell
Sgt Bacon
Gordon Harris
George Crossfield
Robert Urquhart
Rosamund Shane
Katya Douglas
Michael Shane
James Villiers
Mr Trundell
Noel Howlett
Old Enderby
Finlay Currie
Duncan Lamont
Dr Markwell
Kevin Stoney


George Pollock

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Black and White
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