The Hollywood Mom's Mystery

The Hollywood Mom's Mystery

David S Cass Sr (2004)

PG Certificate


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Lindsay Maracotta's novel The Dead Hollywood Moms Society is the inspiration for this sprightly whodunnit, which stars Justine Bateman as a children's books illustrator whose producer-husband Andrew McCarthy is desperate to get back into the limelight. However, becoming the prime suspect in the murder of his shallow neighbour Angie Everhart (the trophy wife of a soap star) wasn't exactly what he had in mind, so Bateman joins up with handsome screenwriter David Gale to catch the real killer. There are a few acerbic observations on how celebrities treat their offspring, but this is undemanding entertainment, not satire.


A woman and her husband struggle to find a foothold in the glamorous world of Beverly Hills - until he gains unexpected attention as the prime suspect in the killing of their neighbour, and she joins forces with a screenwriter to find the real culprit. Comedy murder mystery, starring Justine Bateman, Andrew McCarthy and George Hamilton.

Cast & Crew

Lucy Freers Justine Bateman
Kit Freers Andrew McCarthy
Woody Prentice George Hamilton
Julia Prentice Angie Everhart
Justin Caffrey David Gale
Theresa Shoe Elizabeth Peña
Sandy Palumbo Martin Kove
Chloe Holliston Coleman
Director David S Cass Sr
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Comedy Drama