The Fighting Kentuckian

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  • George Waggner (1949)
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  • 94 min
The Fighting Kentuckian
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3 out of 5

Lodged in the John Wayne canon between two of his finest performances in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Sands of Iwo Jima, this is a genuine curio. Produced by the Duke himself, it details an interesting historical anomaly - the settling in America of Napoleon's exiled officers and their relatives immediately after the defeat at Waterloo. The political aspect isn't really explored, though, merely serving as a background for a rollicking romance with lots of fighting. Wayne's sidekick is Oliver Hardy, who acquits himself well without his usual partner, Stan Laurel; indeed, he's the best reason for viewing.

Plot Summary

Western adventure starring John Wayne. After Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, hundreds of exiled French families settle in the wilds of Alabama. Kentucky rifleman John Breen's love for a French general's daughter leads him to defend the settlers against his romantic rival, the wealthy Blake Randolph.

Cast and crew


John Breen
John Wayne
Fleurette DeMarchand
Vera Ralston
Colonel Georges Geraud
Philip Dorn
Willie Paine
Oliver Hardy
Ann Logan
Marie Windsor
Blake Randolph
John Howard (1)
General Paul DeMarchand
Hugo Haas
George Hayden
Grant Withers
Madame DeMarchand
Odette Myrtil
Beau Merritt
Paul Fix
Sister Hattie
Mae Marsh


George Waggner

Other Information

Black and White
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British Lion Film Corp Ltd
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U