Carry On Up the Khyber

  • PG
  • Gerald Thomas (1968)
  • UK
  • 85 min
Carry On Up the Khyber
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4 out of 5

Only the Carry Ons could get away with using a wooden gate in Snowdonia as the farthest flung outpost of the British Empire. Originally to be called Carry On the Regiment, this is rightly regarded as one of the best in the series. Affectionately mocking Hollywood's Raj adventures, Talbot Rothwell's script is stuffed with ludicrous names, classic one-liners and memorable moments, none better than the dinner party under fire, which provides Peter Butterworth with his finest hour. Kenneth Williams is superb as the Khasi of Kalabar, but it's Sid James and Joan Sims who steal the show as the Ruff-Diamonds.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Sidney James, Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey. India, 1895: in the North-West Frontier province, the villainous Khasi of Kalabar plans a rebellion against the governor, Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond. Only the presence of that dreaded Highland regiment the Third Foot and Mouth, also known as the Devils in Skirts, can foil the Khasi's dastardly plot.

Cast and crew


Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond
Sidney James
Khasi of Kalabar
Kenneth Williams
Private James Widdle
Charles Hawtrey
Captain Keene
Roy Castle
Lady Ruff-Diamond
Joan Sims
Bungdit Din
Bernard Bresslaw
Brother Belcher
Peter Butterworth
Sergeant Major MacNutt
Terry Scott
Princess Jelhi
Angela Douglas
Cardew Robinson
Major Shorthouse
Julian Holloway
Peter Gilmore
Leon Thau
Wife No 1
Wanda Ventham


Gerald Thomas

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