The Virgin Queen

The Virgin Queen

Henry Koster (1955)

U Certificate


Our Score
Sixteen years after she played Elizabeth I in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, Bette Davis reprised the role of the last Tudor in this colourful but rather tepid melodrama. She gets to chew a little scenery as she realises that Richard Todd's Walter Raleigh is in love with lady-in-waiting Joan Collins, but the history-lesson script keeps her on a short leash. Todd comes across as a sulky boy who isn't allowed to play in the Americas rather than an ambitious man of action, and his romance with the demure Collins is soggier than a cloak over a puddle.


Sir Walter Raleigh forms a close relationship with Elizabeth I, hoping to gain her political support to further his ambition to head an expedition to America. However, his plans are compromised by his love for one of the monarch's ladies-in-waiting. Historical drama, starring Bette Davis, Richard Todd and Joan Collins.

Cast & Crew

Queen Elizabeth I Bette Davis
Sir Walter Raleigh Richard Todd
Beth Throgmorton Joan Collins
Chadwick Jay Robinson
Lord Leicester Herbert Marshall
Lord Derry Dan O'Herlihy
Sir Christopher Hatton Robert Douglas
French ambassador Romney Brent
Anne Leslie Parrish
Mary Lisa Daniels
Director Henry Koster
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD