Murder Ahoy

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  • George Pollock (1964)
  • UK
  • 88 min
Murder Ahoy
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3 out of 5

This final entry in Margaret Rutherford's Miss Marple casebook is the only one not based on an Agatha Christie story. While David Pursall and Jack Seddon's original screenplay has all the basic characteristics of a Christie whodunnit, there are too many offbeat characters, a glut of inconsequential chat and more comedy (mostly for the benefit of an overcooked Lionel Jeffries) than you'd find in the great Dame's marvellous mysteries. Having said that, it's neatly staged and the solution is neither blatantly obvious nor buried under a mass of barely perceptible clues.

Plot Summary

Murder mystery comedy starring Margaret Rutherford and Lionel Jeffries. When one of the trustees of a naval charity organisation is found dead, amateur sleuth Miss Marple steps in to solve the mystery.

Cast and crew


Miss Marple
Margaret Rutherford
Captain de Courcy Rhumstone
Lionel Jeffries
Detective Inspector Craddock
Charles Tingwell
Commander Breeze-Connington
William Mervyn
Matron Alice Fanbraid
Joan Benham
Mr Stringer
Stringer Davis
Dr Crump
Nicholas Parsons
Bishop Faulkner
Miles Malleson
Lord Rudkin
Henry Oscar
Sub-Lt Humbert
Derek Nimmo
LW Brewer Dimchurch
Gerald Cross
Asst Matron Shirley Boston
Norma Foster
Sgt Bacon
Terence Edmond
Lt Compton
Francis Matthews


George Pollock

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Black and White
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U