Brewster's Millions

  • PG
  • Walter Hill (1985)
  • US
  • 97 min
Brewster's Millions
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2 out of 5

Director Walter Hill and comedy are always an uneasy combination, and this hackneyed, overlong tale glaringly proves the point. Add Richard Pryor in manic mode and you have a major disappointment that fell flat even when it was made. This was the seventh time the story had been filmed - man left millions in will but first has to spend large amount in 30 days - which should have sounded a note of caution all round, but didn't. As usual, Pryor overacts wildly.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Richard Pryor as Monty Brewster, a pitcher for the lowly Hackensack Bulls baseball team. He's just an ordinary guy, and something of a loser - that is until he inherits a cool $300 million. The only catch is, to get his hands on it, he has to spend $30 million in 30 days and be left with nothing.

Cast and crew


Montgomery Brewster
Richard Pryor
Spike Nolan
John Candy
Angela Drake
Lonette McKee
Warren Cox
Stephen Collins
Charley Pegler
Jerry Orbach
Edward Roundfield
Pat Hingle
Tovah Feldshuh
Rupert Horn
Hume Cronyn
Morty King
Rick Moranis
Vin Rapelito
Reni Santoni


Walter Hill

Other Information

Edited for violence and language.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate PG
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