Firehouse Dog

  • PG
  • Todd Holland (2006)
  • US
  • 106 min
Firehouse Dog
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2 out of 5

Talented pets and fearless firefighters are both Hollywood staples, and this action comedy brings elements from both genres together in one child-friendly package. Canine action-movie star "Rexxx" falls from a plane and lands (literally) in the middle of a blaze. He's rescued by small-town fire chief Connor Fahey (Bruce Greenwood), who gives his stroppy son Shane (Josh Hutcherson) the task of finding the pooch's real owner. Attitude soon gives way to admiration, however, as Shane realises the dog has genuine stunt skills - but it's not long before Hollywood wants its star performer back. With subplots about arson and father/son bonding, this is corny but competent entertainment for younger viewers.

Plot Summary

Action comedy starring Josh Hutcherson and Bruce Greenwood. When top canine movie star "Rexxx" is separated from his owner after a stunt goes wrong, he is taken in by the workers at a run-down fire station.

Cast and crew


Shane Fahey
Josh Hutcherson
Connor Fahey
Bruce Greenwood
Trey Falcon
Dash Mihok
Zachary Hayden
Steven Culp
Joe Musto
Bill Nunn
Liz Knowles
Bree Turner
Lionel Bradford
Scotch Ellis Loring
Terence Kahn
Teddy Sears
Jasmine "JJ" Presley
Hannah Lochner
Captain Jessie Presley
Claudette Mink
Pep Clemente
Mayte Garcia


Todd Holland

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Available on DVD
Released 20 Jul 2007
Certificate PG