Two Weeks Notice

  • 12
  • Marc Lawrence (2) (2002)
  • US / Aus
  • 96 min
Two Weeks Notice
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Film Review
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2 out of 5

Sandra Bullock plays a liberal lawyer who fights for environmental causes; Hugh Grant is a real estate tycoon who plans to knock down her local community centre in Coney Island to build condominiums - she agrees to work for him if he doesn't go ahead with the demolition. So, the pair are thrown together in true romantic comedy tradition: opposites fighting an attraction. Bullock ends up running the hapless tycoon's life - everything from handling his divorce to choosing his shirts - until she gets fed up, hands in her (two weeks', complete with apostrophe) notice and quits. Will they overcome their differences and find a way back to each other? The formulaic plot is not the main problem here as even the best romantic comedies have genre conventions. It's Bullock and Grant. Both natural, charming actors with the ability to play light comedy, they should have been the dream team, but they're just trying too hard and with little result. All this effort only highlights that what really makes a screen romance work - a magical chemistry between the protagonists à la Tracy and Hepburn - is missing.

Plot Summary

Romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. When she resigns after growing tired of her eccentric, disorganised boss, talented lawyer Lucy Kelson is given the job of finding her own replacement. But after hiring beautiful Harvard law graduate June Carter, Lucy begins to wonder if she's made the right decision.

Cast and crew


Lucy Kelson
Sandra Bullock
George Wade
Hugh Grant
June Carter
Alicia Witt
Ruth Kelson
Dana Ivey
Larry Kelson
Robert Klein
Heather Burns
Howard Wade
David Haig
Dorian Missick
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Norah Jones
Norah Jones


Marc Lawrence (2)

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Warner Bros
Available on video and DVD
Released 7 Feb 2003
Certificate 12