Astro Boy

  • PG
  • David Bowers (2009)
  • US / HK
  • 89 min
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3 out of 5

The iconic Japanese anime character makes his Hollywood debut in this sweet-natured and colourful futuristic adventure. Brilliant scientist Dr Tenma (voiced by Nicolas Cage) is devastated when his equally brilliant son Toby (Freddie Highmore) is accidentally killed during an experiment. Tenma builds a robotic replacement, but abandons him when he doesn't live up to expectations. Left to fend for himself, the robot becomes Astro Boy and discovers the true extent of his powers when an evil force threatens the world. The film presents some fairly adult themes in an understandable way, and it's also less cheesy and sentimental than a lot of animated fare. But it still packs in some exciting action sequences and impressive comic relief in the shape of the hapless Robot Liberation Front (whose leader is voiced by Little Britain's Matt Lucas).

Plot Summary

Animated sci-fi adventure featuring the voices of Freddie Highmore and Nicolas Cage. A grieving scientist creates a robot to replace his lost son. But the "boy" is unable to fill the void and leaves in search of acceptance. It's only when his homeland is faced with a hostile invasion that he returns and puts his special powers to use.

Cast and crew


Astro Boy / Toby
Freddie Highmore
Dr Tenma
Nicolas Cage
Kristen Bell
Samuel L Jackson
Dr Elefun / Robotsky
Bill Nighy
President Stone
Donald Sutherland
Ham Egg
Nathan Lane
"Our Friends" narrator
Charlize Theron
Eugene Levy
Matt Lucas
Moisés Arias


David Bowers

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
E1 Entertainment
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 5 Feb 2010
Certificate PG