Nutty Professor 2: the Klumps

  • 12
  • Peter Segal (2000)
  • US
  • 102 min
Nutty Professor 2: the Klumps
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3 out of 5

In this amusing sequel to Eddie Murphy's 1996 success (itself a remake of the 1963 Jerry Lewis comedy), Murphy gets to play rotund scientist Sherman Klump and his entire corpulent family (bar one, his little brother), including his father at two different ages. His performance is an amazing tour de force, which could be compared to the best work of Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers if it weren't for the fact that half the time he's unintelligible. The basis of the new story is an amusing variation on The Fly: Klump is desperate to rid himself of his slim, supercool alter ego, Buddy Love, but only manages to regenerate (and mutate) him. Janet Jackson is sweetly effective, playing it straight as Klump's long-suffering girlfriend, while the writers also manage to include the Fountain of Youth and a giant, sex-mad hamster in the mix. This, and a lot of scatological humour, forms the very silly premise, yet children (and adults with an extremely juvenile sense of fun) will adore it.

Plot Summary

Comedy sequel starring Eddie Murphy and Janet Jackson. Things are going well for Professor Sherman Klump: his new invention stands to make him a fortune and he is about to propose marriage to a beautiful colleague. But Sherman's smooth-talking alter ego, Buddy Love, is back on the scene and intent on ruining his plans.

Cast and crew


Professor Sherman Klump / Cletus "Papa" Klump / Young Cletus Klump / Anna "Mama" Klump / Ernie Klump / Grandma Klump / Buddy Love / Lance Perkins
Eddie Murphy
Professor Denise Gaines
Janet Jackson
Dean Richmond
Larry Miller
John Ales
Denise's father
Richard Gant
Denise's mother
Anna Maria Horsford
Leanne Guilford
Melinda McGraw
Ernie Klump Jr
Jamal Mixon
Freda Payne


Peter Segal

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Swearing, sexual references.
Available on video and DVD
Released 6 Oct 2000
Certificate 12