Confessions of a Shopaholic

  • PG
  • P J Hogan (2009)
  • US
  • 99 min
Confessions of a Shopaholic
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Film Review
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3 out of 5

Star Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) proves to be the most precious commodity in this chick flick based on the bestselling novels by Sophie Kinsella. The action is relocated from London to New York, with Fisher playing heroine Rebecca Bloomwood, an aspiring fashion journalist who has run up massive credit-card debts in the shops on Fifth Avenue. She takes a job on a dull financial publication in a bid to advance her career, but struggles to curb her shopaholic tendencies. Hugh Dancy channels Hugh Grant as her boss - the man who competes with Gucci shoes for Rebecca's attention. It's a fresh and funny premise, but the way the action plays out is often unconvincing and it's further devalued by a conventional romance plot. Thankfully, Fisher proves to have rare star quality, throwing herself into the role with great gusto and perfect comic timing, while director PJ Hogan (My Best Friend's Wedding) is smart enough to capitalise on this.

Plot Summary

Romantic comedy starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy. Debt-ridden journalist Rebecca Bloomwood just loves to shop, but her dream is to work on fashion magazine Alette. However, she accidentally sends in a job application to a business magazine, and ends up working for the dashing Luke Brandon.

Cast and crew


Rebecca Bloomwood
Isla Fisher
Luke Brandon
Hugh Dancy
Suze Cleath-Stewart
Krysten Ritter
Jane Bloomwood
Joan Cusack
Graham Bloomwood
John Goodman
Edgar West
John Lithgow
Alette Naylor
Kristin Scott Thomas
Alicia Billington
Leslie Bibb
Ryan Koenig
Fred Armisen
Julie Hagerty
Drunken lady at ball
Lynn Redgrave


P J Hogan

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Walt Disney
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 20 Feb 2009
Certificate PG
Buena Vista Home Entertainment