The Robe

The Robe

Henry Koster (1953)

U Certificate


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Best known as the first film to be released in CinemaScope, The Robe is a plodding, pious epic, with Richard Burton as the Roman officer who wins Christ's robe in a game of dice during the Crucifixion. The torn and bloody garment works its magic and, before long, Burton and Jean Simmons are hauled before the crazed Roman emperor Caligula. Based on a doorstop bestseller by Lloyd C Douglas, it's awkwardly directed by Henry Koster and scripted as if by a committee anxious not to offend any race or creed. On the plus side, Burton is incredibly handsome in Roman garb and Jay Robinson makes an unforgettably melodramatic Caligula. Victor Mature took it seriously enough to be called on for the sequel, Demetrius and the Gladiators.


A callous Roman centurion is assigned to oversee Christ's crucifixion, an experience he finds so moving that he decides to convert to the Christian faith in a bid to redeem himself. However, his new loyalties incur the wrath of the insane Emperor Caligula. Drama based on the novel by Lloyd C Douglas, starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature and Michael Rennie.

Cast & Crew

Marcellus Gallio Richard Burton
Diana Jean Simmons
Demetrius Victor Mature
Peter Michael Rennie
Caligula Jay Robinson
Justus Dean Jagger
Senator Gallio Torin Thatcher
Pilate Richard Boone
Miriam Betta St John
Emperor Tiberius Ernest Thesiger
Christ Cameron Mitchell
Director Henry Koster
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD