Anne of the Indies

Anne of the Indies

Jacques Tourneur (1951)

U Certificate


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Jean Peters stars here as the swashbuckling scourge of the Caribbean, shown off in fine Technicolor and surrounded by old reliables James Robertson-Justice, as the first mate (he was also among the crew in Captain Horatio Hornblower in the same year), Herbert Marshall as the rummy doc, and Thomas Gomez as Blackbeard himself. Louis Jourdan plays the dashing Frenchman who is forced to lure the pirate queen into a treasure-baited trap, while 1950s icon Debra Paget plays Jourdan's kidnapped wife. Director Jacques Tourneur is best known for such classic horror movies as Cat People and Night of the Demon, but he seems more than comfortable with this splendid seafaring tale.


A no-nonsense pirate welcomes a French captain on board her ship and promptly falls in love - unaware the charming officer has been sent by the British to capture her. Learning of the deception, she kidnaps his wife to sell as a slave. Jacques Tourneur's high-seas adventure, starring Jean Peters, Louis Jourdan, Debra Paget and Herbert Marshall.

Cast & Crew

Anne Jean Peters
Captain Pierre François La Rochelle Louis Jourdan
Molly Debra Paget
Dr Jameson Herbert Marshall
Blackbeard Thomas Gomez
Red Dougal James Robertson-Justice
Herkimer Francis Pierlot
Hackett Sean McClory
English sea captain Holmes Herbert
Director Jacques Tourneur
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd