Mary and Max

  • 12
  • Adam Elliot (2008)
  • Aus
  • 88 min
Mary and Max
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4 out of 5

The first full-length animated feature from Australian Adam Elliot (an Oscar winner for his short Harvie Krumpet) is a whimsically dark yet poignant account of the unlikely, long-term pen-pal friendship that develops between shy Melbourne girl Mary and grumpy middle-aged Max, who resides in New York. This tale of two outsiders is lovingly rendered in traditional claymation and Elliot's expressive creations are wonderfully brought to life by the talented voice cast, which is led by Toni Collette as the grown-up Mary and Philip Seymour Hoffman as her Asperger's-suffering correspondent. Listen out, too, for the distinctive tones of Eric Bana and Barry Humphries, who narrates. Note, however, that the melancholy story isn't really suitable for children.

Plot Summary

An eight-year-old Australian girl decides to write to someone in New York, and picks a name at random. Her letter reaches an overweight loner plagued by anxiety, and over the next 20 years, they continue to correspond, forming a close friendship without ever meeting. Stop motion animated comedy, with the voices of Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Eric Bana.

Cast and crew


Mary Daisy Dinkle
Toni Collette
Max Jerry Horowitz
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Damian Cyril Popodopolous
Eric Bana
Barry Humphries
Young Mary
Bethany Whitmore
Vera Lorraine Dinkle
Renée Geyer
Homeless man
Ian "Molly" Meldrum
Harvie Krumpet / Len Hislop / Ken Hislop
John Flaus
Bus stop mother / kissing woman
Julie Forsyth
911 operator / ambulance voice / derisive observer
Chris Massey
Katherine Ramsay / alleyway bully / bird injury girl / bus-stop girl
Daisy Kocher
BMX bandit
Dan Doherty
Doctor Bernard Hector Hazelhoff / Ralph Keith Dinkle, Grandpoppy Ralph / Mr Alfonso Ravioli / Ivy Ruby Bevan / postmaster / run-over kitten / worm
Adam Elliot
Hal the cat
Mary's baby
Marlee Bevan
Mister Biscuit
Mrs Pendergast
Melanie Coombs
Overeaters anonymous tutor / Post Office customer / Zelda Glutnik
Leanne Smith


Adam Elliot

Other Information

English / Yiddish
Black and White and Colour
Theatrical distributor: 
Soda Pictures
Suicide references, drug abuse.
Available on DVD
Released 22 Oct 2010
Certificate 12
Soda Pictures Ltd.