End of Watch

  • 15
  • David Ayer (2012)
  • US
  • 104 min
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Film Review
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3 out of 5

This is another effective cop movie from Training Day writer David Ayer, though it has none of that film's cynical wit and is, in many ways, its polar opposite. Taking the horror genre's almost totally clapped-out found footage gimmick to the mean streets of Los Angeles, we see uniformed cops Taylor (a shaven-headed Jake Gyllenhaal) and Zavala (Michael Peña) stumble across the activities of a Mexican drug cartel, with violent and tragic repercussions. The film is shot almost wholly on handheld cameras (explained by Taylor being enrolled on a film course, and documenting his job as part of a project), and the relentless shakycam will irritate some viewers. Much of the movie's appeal relies on the convincing relationship between the wisecracking cop duo, with equal weight given to their personal and professional lives. But though appealingly acted and well directed, this is at times crudely manipulative, with the LAPD implausibly painted as spotless saints and the criminals sketched as barely human.

Plot Summary

Police drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña. Cops Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala record their daily exploits on camera while patrolling the tough streets of Los Angeles. The footage reveals a close friendship forged in pressure cooker circumstances as they become embroiled in the activities of a ruthless drugs cartel.

Cast and crew


Officer Brian Taylor
Jake Gyllenhaal
Officer Mike Zavala
Michael Pena
Officer Orozco
America Ferrera
Anna Kendrick
Gabby Zavala
Natalie Martinez
Frank Grillo
Officer Davis
Cody Horn
Officer Van Hauser
David Harbour
Mr Tre
Cle Sloan
Captain Reese
Jaime FitzSimons


David Ayer

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Studio Canal
Violence, swearing, sexual references, drug abuse.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 23 Nov 2012
Certificate 15