Snowman's Pass

Snowman's Pass

Rex Piano (2004)



Our Score
There's barely a shred of realism in this badly paced and unconvincing action adventure. Instead Marc Singer's dodgy industrialist chews the scenery to unintentionally hilarious levels, as he and his two half-witted sidekicks lure a bereaved climbing guide (Nicole Eggert) to a perilous mountain range under false pretences. Once the gang's true purpose emerges, the cat-and-mouse game that ensues is neither suspenseful nor particularly eventful, making the handsome landscape the main point of interest. While Singer behaves like a movie villain from a children's movie, the similarly miscast Eggert confuses earnest facial expressions with a credible performance. Poor effects and a paper-thin script compound the mess, leading to a rushed finale that's just plain daft.


A bereaved mountain guide accepts an industrialist's offer to help find her husband's missing body, but during the expedition she realises he is really looking for a crashed satellite. Aware the businessman and his henchmen will kill her to keep their secret safe, she flees into the wilderness, using her knowledge of the terrain to evade capture. Action adventure, Nicole Eggert, Marc Singer and George Stults.

Cast & Crew

Diana Pennington Nicole Eggert
Curt Seaver Marc Singer
Tyler George Stults
Hugo Mike Dopud
Ed Bruce Dawson
Brian Garvin Cross
Eugene Joe MacLeod
Director Rex Piano
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour