Paper Moon

Paper Moon

Peter Bogdanovich (1973)

A Certificate


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The wandering star of Peter Bogdanovich's directorial talent brilliantly lights up this cynical charmer of a story - set during the Depression - about a Bible-toting conman (Ryan O'Neal) forming a bizarre partnership with a brattish nine-year-old (real-life daughter Tatum O'Neal) who may or may not be his child. Laszlo Kovacs's outstanding monochromatic photography lends an affectionate sheen to their journey through the Kansas dust bowl in which the girl gradually becomes mother to the man. With this, Targets, and The Last Picture Show, Bogdanovich looked set to be one of Hollywood's finest but, sadly, he hasn't quite managed to repeat the excellence of these three movies.


A Depression-era conman meets a canny nine-year-old orphan, whom he realises could be his daughter, and agrees to take her to her aunt. Along the way, he discovers the little girl is just as cunning as he is, and they form a successful criminal partnership. Drama, starring Ryan O'Neal alongside real-life daughter Tatum. With Madeline Kahn, John Hillerman and Randy Quaid.

Cast & Crew

Moses Pray Ryan O'Neal
Addie Loggins Tatum O'Neal
Trixie Delight Madeline Kahn
Sheriff Hardin / Jess Hardin John Hillerman
Imogene P J Johnson
Floyd, desk clerk Gilliam Burton
Leroy Randy Quaid
Miss Ollie Jessie Lee Fulton
Minister James N Harrell
Minister's wife Lila Water
Mr Robertson Noble Willingham
Director Peter Bogdanovich
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: C.I.C. (UK)Guidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-ray