Strange Wilderness

  • 15
  • Fred Wolf (2007)
  • US
  • 81 min
Strange Wilderness
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2 out of 5

From Cheech and Chong going up in smoke to Harold and Kumar getting the munchies, stoner comedies are nothing new. This inane addition to the genre stars Steve Zahn as the host of Strange Wilderness, a cable-TV nature show that's about to be axed unless the permanently stoned layabouts behind it can pull off something sensational... like finding Bigfoot. Cue a skittish collection of gags involving bongs, laughing gas and bad Spanish as Zahn and his crew head off to Central America in search of the hairy beast. Among the players demeaning themselves are Jonah Hill from Superbad and veteran actors Joe Don Baker and Ernest Borgnine (both of whom are old enough to know better). The dearth of laughs is punctured only twice: Robert Patrick's mutilated Vietnam veteran showing off his damaged testicles and Zahn's equally unmanning encounter with a turkey. It's dopey in every sense.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Steve Zahn. After his father dies, Peter Gaulke takes over his role as host of the wildlife TV show Strange Wilderness. But his complete ignorance of the natural world sees the show's ratings plummet. After an ultimatum by the studio head, Peter and his team gamble everything on a trip to find the mythical Bigfoot.

Cast and crew


Peter Gaulke
Steve Zahn
Fred Wolf
Allen Covert
Ed Lawson
Jeff Garlin
Justin Long
Jonah Hill
Gus Hayden
Robert Patrick
Sky Pierson
Harry Hamlin
Bill Calhoun
Joe Don Baker
Ernest Borgnine
Bill Whitaker
Kevin Heffernan


Fred Wolf

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Violence, swearing, sex scenes, nudity, drug abuse.
Available on DVD
Released 11 Apr 2008
Certificate 15
Paramount Home Entertainment