Michael Ritchie (1985)

PG Certificate


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Chevy Chase, one of the original Saturday Night Live team and the embodiment of laid-back Los Angeles 1980s humour, stars here in the first of two outings as the investigative reporter with a sideline in disguises and witty repartee. Uprooted from Malibu beach (where he is disguised as a beach bum) by a millionaire who orders his own murder, Chase stumbles and bumbles through a corkscrew plot that fits his comic frame like a bespoke suit. Sleek, glossy and often very funny indeed, it also features Joe Don Baker, M Emmet Walsh and Geena Davis. The inventive script is by Andrew Bergman, who cut his teeth as a co-writer on Blazing Saddles and went on to direct The Freshman and Honeymoon in Vegas.


A wisecracking reporter and master of disguise is approached by a businessman who claims to be terminally ill and is looking to pay someone to kill him. The journalist discovers the supposedly dying man is in perfect health, and his strange request is part of a complex scam. Comedy mystery based on Gregory Mcdonald's novel, with Chevy Chase and Tim Matheson.

Cast & Crew

IM Fletcher, "Fletch" Chevy Chase
Chief Karlin Joe Don Baker
Gail Stanwyk Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Alan Stanwyk Tim Matheson
Dr Dolan M Emmet Walsh
Fat Sam George Wendt
Stanton Boyd Kenneth Mars
Larry Geena Davis
Speaker Bill Henderson
Mr Underhill William Traylor
Gillet George Wyner
Frank Walker Richard Libertini
Director Michael Ritchie
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Guidance: Some violence and swearing.Available on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama