Spinning Boris

Spinning Boris

Roger Spottiswoode (2002)

12 Certificate
Our Score


A mysterious gathering of Russian businessmen hires three American spin doctors for a secret mission - to ensure Boris Yeltsin retains the presidency in the 1996 election. This proves no easy task in the face of the incumbent's unpopularity with the public. Fact-based comedy drama, starring Jeff Goldblum, Anthony LaPaglia, Liev Schreiber and Svetlana Efremova.

Cast & Crew

George Gorton Jeff Goldblum
Dick Dresner Anthony LaPaglia
Joe Shumate Liev Schreiber
Tatiana Dyachenko Svetlana Efremova
Felix Braynin Boris Krutonog
Lisa Shauna Macdonald
Andrei Lugov Gregory Hlady
Vasso Vladimir Radian
Director Roger Spottiswoode
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Other Information

Language: English / RussianColour
Drama Comedy