Ip Man 2

  • 15
  • Wilson Yip (2010)
  • HK / Chi (SUB)
  • 103 min
Ip Man 2
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2 out of 5

Donnie Yen returns as the unflappable martial arts master in this sequel that's very much a film of two halves. It opens promisingly, detailing Master Ip's efforts to set up his wing chun school in Hong Kong, a task beset by financial hardships, rival academies and the impetuousness of his loyal but unruly students. But the interesting set-up then descends into a pantomime that's reminiscent of Rocky IV, as it falls to Ip to defend the honour of Chinese martial arts against a boorish British boxer, the incongruously named Twister (Darren Shahlavi). The cartoonish villainy of the westerners is so laughable that it renders such early action highlights as a fish-market brawl and thrilling table-top initiation contest (with the tempting face-off between Yen and Sammo Hung, who takes the Apollo Creed role to Yen's Rocky) as distant memories from a different and much better film. The impeccable production values and dynamic action choreography are all there, but it's a shame that the man who fostered the extraordinary talent of Bruce Lee should be remembered in such ultimately formulaic fashion.

Plot Summary

Biographical martial arts drama sequel starring Donnie Yen. Ip Man and his family flee Foshun for Hong Kong, where he sets up a new wing chun school. However, his struggle to build the business is hampered by the established institutions operating in the city.

Cast and crew


Ip Man
Donnie Yen
Master Hong Chun Nam
Sammo Hung
Wong Leung
Huang Xiaoming
Cheung Wing Sing
Xiong Dai Lin
Kent Cheng
Chow Ching Chuen
Simon Yam
Chow Kong Yiu
Calvin Cheng
Kam Shan Chau
Fan Siu-wong
Darren Shahlavi
Superintendant Wallace
Charles Mayer


Wilson Yip

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Cantonese, English +subtitles
Certificate 15