Honeymoon for One

Honeymoon for One

Kevin Connor (2011)

PG Certificate


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Love and green issues lead to a fairy-tale finale in this formulaic yet innocuous culture-clash romp, starring former Desperate Housewives leading lady Nicollette Sheridan. Not as slushy as the usual made-for-TV romance, it sees Sheridan's work-obsessed LA executive embark on a life-changing adventure when she ditches her unfaithful fiancé a week before the wedding and then goes on their intended Irish castle honeymoon alone. There's lots of simple, visual humour in the clichéd, fish-out-of-water scenario that follows, as the uptight heroine suffers light-hearted humiliations at the hands of nature and the stereotyped locals - particularly antagonistic estate manager Greg Wise. Of course, the hostility between the two quickly turns to affection, facilitated by his matchmaking young daughter (played by scene-stealing newcomer Katie Bannon) and a contrived environmental subplot that allows the characters' true qualities to shine through.


A woman learns her fiance is having an affair, so breaks off the engagement and heads to Ireland on honeymoon by herself. She gets off on the wrong foot with the manager of the estate where she is staying, but they eventually fall for each other. However, her fiance later arrives looking for a second chance and planning to buy the land. Romantic drama, with Nicollette Sheridan, Greg Wise and Patrick Baladi.

Cast & Crew

Eve Nicollette Sheridan
Sean Hughes Greg Wise
Greg Young Patrick Baladi
Miles Jonathan Hawtrey Clark
Jenna Maria Tecce
Hilary Victoria Smurfit
Director Kevin Connor
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language.