Honeymoon with Mom

  • PG
  • Paul A Kaufman (2006)
  • US
  • 86 min
Honeymoon with Mom
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2 out of 5

Shelley Long is well past her prime in this flimsy comedy. Barely raising a smile with her goofy antics and horribly unflattering wardrobe, she plays a hard-nosed magazine editor who persuades her jilted-at-the-altar offspring (Virginia Williams) to use her honeymoon for a mother-daughter holiday. Naturally, mum has ulterior motives for tagging along; making their already antagonistic relationship doubly fraught once the truth emerges. Though Long's sharp tongue and brusque media ways are meant to be funny in a fish-out-of-water manner, they actually feel forced and rather ridiculous; falling flat along with the film's more physical gags. A predictable resolution adds to the clich├ęd mediocrity, tying up events with the usual rash of life re-evaluations and reconciliations.

Plot Summary

Romantic comedy starring Shelley Long and Virginia Williams. When she's jilted on her wedding day, a young woman flies off to the Caribbean with her mother for a holiday that would have been her honeymoon. At the remote island hideaway, she discovers that her mother has an ulterior motive for going with her.

Cast and crew


Shelley Long
Jack Scalia
Shannon Bates
Virginia Williams


Paul A Kaufman

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