Devil Winds

  • Gilbert M Shilton (2003)
  • US
  • 90 min
Devil Winds
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1 out of 5

Laughable effects and the lamest of plots make this unrealistic Twister wannabe a wretched affair. Combining underdeveloped family drama with limp, weather-themed action, it stars Joe Lando as a meteorologist turned cop, who returns to the Oklahoma town where his wife was killed by a tornado to attend his estranged daughter's graduation. Storms break both physically and metaphorically, leaving Lando and tag-along journalist Nicole Eggert to try to save the day before another massive cyclone hits. It's so cheaply done that there's never any hint of peril or suspense, while the over-dramatic music merely draws attention to the film's failings.

Plot Summary

Action adventure starring Joe Lando and Nicole Eggert. Bereaved family man and twister fanatic Pete Jensen heads home to Oklahoma for his daughter's graduation. But a massive storm threatens to overshadow his return, and also to destroy a neighbouring laboratory packed with toxins.

Cast and crew


Pete Jensen
Joe Lando
Julia Merrow
Nicole Eggert
Kara Jensen
Erica Durance
Robert Booker
Peter Graham-Gaudreau
Stan Chasen
Garwin Sanford
Dr Raymond Ardmore
Gerard Plunkett
Dr John Tedesco
Brad Turner (2)
Adam Murphy


Gilbert M Shilton

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